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Thom Haig


Dr. Haig, a veterinarian, has owned Pharaoh Hounds and Whippets for over twenty years.  He is currently President of the Greyhound Association of North Georgia, GANG, which is the most active American Sighthound Field Association, ASFA, coursing club in America. GANG was also the premier club to run AKC Coursing aptitude tests, CATs.  These tests allow non-sighthound breeds to earn titles for coursing aptitude.  As the premier club, GANG has run more dogs of various breeds than any other club. Thom is also very active in the American Sighthound Field Association, being elected to Vice President and active on several committees. 

Dr. Haig is a prolific author, having written articles in TRENDS, DVM Magazine, Veterinary Economics, and published two books, Veterinary Healthcare Services, Options in Delivery and Design The Dream.  He is a consultant for the popular Veterinary Information Network and has spoken at conferences across the US, including the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Western Veterinary  Conference, and the Wild West Veterinary Conference.

Dr. Haig has been in various veterinary practices and was a military veterinarian.  His current practice is in Powell, TN.