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New Concepts and Treatments for the Pelvic Floor, Abdominal Wall, Female Chronic Pain, Sexual Health and Function for Women and Men

Clinicians: Diane Lee and Kathe Wallace and Deborah Coady and Hollis Herman


This Pelvic Health Summit is an interactive weekend with four clinical experts and is designed to integrate multiple seemingly diverse topics for pelvic health.  Speakers will discuss evidence-informed whole body/person approaches that expedite clinical expertise for treating a wide variety of complex pelvic patients presenting with a combination of musculoskeletal, urogynecological and/or sexual impairments or complaints. 

Program Instructors:
Kathe Wallace PT, BCB-PMD
Deborah Coady MD, FACOG
Hollis Herman, DPT, PT, OCS, BCB-PMD


Day 1 Agenda:  


8:30 - Anatomy and function of the abdominal wall – what do we know from the evidence and what happens in pregnancy

10:30 - Morning break

11:00 - Assessment of the abdominal wall – how to assess the recruitment strategy of the abdominal wall and behavior of the linea alba (short cases to introduce the topic and then assess a live model followed by discussion for treatment /training)

12:30 - Lunch

1:30 - Diastasis rectus abdominus – when to train, when to refer for surgical repair, next steps for more research for formal data to support current clinical training theories

3:00 - Afternoon break

3:15 - Abdominal wall movement training

Day 2 Agenda: 

Deborah Coady, MD, FACOG

9:00 Introduction to pelvic, vulvar and sexual pain

9:30 Hormonal, systemic and cancer treatment related mechanisms and therapies for Chronic Pelvic Pain

10:15 Integrative care for CPP

10:30 Mini-Qigong Class: promoting the mind-body connection

10:45 Morning break



11:00 Variations in the female/male sexual response cycle and 2 goals to promote sexual health and function

12:00 lunch break

1:00 Two biomechanical modifications of sexual positions to assist patients with orthopedic restrictions

1:30 Two manual techniques to improve conditions of erectile dysfunction, postpartum pain, hypodesire, PGAD, senior sexual concerns


Kathe Wallace, PT, BCB-PMD

2:00 Pelvic floor anatomy, visceral fascia and functional consideration – case studies, orthopedic conditions and PFD

3:00 afternoon break

3:15 Functional exercise, posture and prolapse, post-partum pelvic floor recovery, pelvic floor exercises: Kegel, Reverse Kegel and breathing (Valsalva vs strain)

Additional Info

Seminar includes coffee breaks and handouts. Lunch is not included.

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Locations and Dates

Seattle, WA: March 31, 2017 - April 1, 2017
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