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Carbon Dioxide Surgical Lasers

Clinician: John Godbold


presented by
John D. Godbold, Jr. DVM

This course will discuss why carbon dioxide lasers have become such a valuable tool in the hands of veterinary surgeons and how to use them safely.  It will also describe laser-tissue interactions, techniques for proper application, common software and hardware controls, and every day applications and procedures.  


  • Module I:  Introduction to Veterinary CO2 Surgical Lasers
  • Module II:  Laser Tissue Interaction and Surgery Technique
  • Module III:  Using the CO2 Surgical Laser to Produce the Best Tissue Effect
  • Module IV:  Using the CO2 Laser Everyday - Part 1
  • Module V:  Using the CO2 Laser Everyday - Part 2


Course Details$325.00