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Surgical Diode Lasers for Small Animals, The Other Laser Wavelength Expanding Your Treatment Options

Clinician: Jeffrey Moll


Presented by Jeffrey R. Moll, DVM, FSLS

Diode lasers are the most efficient lasers in converting electrical energy to optical energy.  This class describes the generation of diode laser energy, how this energy interacts with tissue, the best practices for using diode lasers safely, and delivery modes.  It also presents an extensive overview of how to use diode lasers in general surgeries as well as minimally invasive surgeries.


Module I:

Unit 1:  Introduction to Diode Lasers
Unit 2:  Diode Lasers in General Surgeries
Unit 3:  Diode Lasers in Minimally Invasive Surgeries
Unit 4:  Summary

Module II:  
Diode Surgery:  Preparation
Diode Surgery:  Feline Declaw

Course Details$149.00