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Veterinary Medical Laser Safety Officer Training


Presented by Ron Riegel, D.V.M.

The current use of both surgical and therapeutic lasers in veterinary medicine has multiplied exponentially just in the last few years.  Unfortunately, many veterinarians, technicians or laser therapists have had little or no training concerning their safe use.

There are standards established by the American National Standard Institute, the Occupational Safe and Health Administration and the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery which contain enforceable guidelines for the safe use of lasers in veterinary medicine.

Any practice using a Class 3 or 4 therapy laser, or CO2 or diode surgical laser is required to appoint a Veterinary Medical Laser Safety Officer on the staff to ensure compliance with the current standards of safe use.


Course Objectives:
Participants will leave with:
  • A fundamental understanding of laser therapy and the science behind laser therapy
  • An understanding of the system used to classify lasers and laser products according to the degree of hazard
  • An understanding of how to protect people and animals from laser radiation by learning the safe working levels of laser radiation
  • An understanding of the guidelines and procedures required for the safe use of lasers in their practice
  • An understanding of the other (non-radiation) hazards associated with lasers (i.e. electrical hazards, laser plume)
  • Attendees will learn how to minimize accessible radiation and control radiation by protective features and control measures
  • Attendees will learn how to protect others from laser hazards by using the proper warning signs, labels, and instructions
  • Attendees will be provided with training, protocols, and guidelines for the Veterinary medical Laser Safety Officer and examples of all necessary records required by OSHA
CE Hours:  2 credit hours

Good for 1 YEAR from the date of purchase.

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