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5) Wilk Physical Therapy Institute Online Library Annual Subscription

Clinician: Kevin Wilk


$159.00 / year

The Wilk Physical Therapy Institute (WPTI) is a subscription based webinar program that brings continuing education and career development to you in an online format.  Kevin Wilk presents one hour video journals of the latest developments in the art and science of physical therapy.  WPTI presentations will feature demonstrations, diagnostics, and review of the latest studies in physical therapy.  High resolution and motion capture production give you a front row seat to over 40 hours of CE approved courses.

Your subscription will give you:

  • Learn on the go with the most up to date information in treatment protocols for improved outcomes
  • Clinical settings with real patients
  • Guest speakers that are experts in their respective fields
  • ProCert approved course for Continuing Education credit


 This Online Library includes the following titles;

  • Normal Gait Kinetics & Kinematics
  • Anatomy of the Foot & Ankle Complex
  • Soft Tissue Influences to Stability: Part 2 - Fascia Lata and Abdominal Fascial Systems
  • Soft Tissue Influences to Stability: Part 1 - Thoracolumbar Fascia System
  • Abnormal Foot Mechanics: Impact on Gait
  • Biceps Pain
  • Pathoanatomy & Compensatory Soft Tissue Differential Diagnosis
  • UCL Injuries in Athletes - Treatment Options & Rehabilitation Part 2
  • UCL Injuries in Athletes - Treatment Options & Rehabilitation
  • Evaluation & Rehab Strategies for the Shoulder and Hip
  • Rehabilitation of the Female's Throwing Shoulder *
  • Scapular Assessment and Treatment
  • Rehab Techniques Using Dry Needling
  • Rehabilitation Following Rotator Cuff Repair 
  • Rotator Cuff Tear
  • Treatment of Post-Operative Knee Motion Complications
  • The Maligned Knee:  ACL Rehabilitation & Knee Motion Complications 
  • Strength and Conditioning Considerations for the Athletic Hip *
  • Therapeutic Exercise for the Foot & Ankle Complex *
  • Clinical Examination of the Thrower's Shoulder
  • Recognition and Treatment of UCL Injuries in Athletes *
  • Techniques to Promote Tissue Regeneration
  • Rehab Following Specific Articular Cartilage Procedures *
  • Rehab Following UCL Reconstruction in the Overhead Throwing Athlete  *
  • Evaluation & Treatment of the Scapula in Athletes *
  • Shoulder Examination:  Which Tests are Best? *
  • The Overhead Athlete (Part 1) - Assessment & Treatment *
  • The Overhead Athlete (Part 2) - Rehabilitation Following Shoulder Surgery
  • Rehabilitation Following Rotator Cuff Repair:  Immediate Post-Op Phase *
  • Proprioception & Neuromuscular Control Drills for the ACL Patient *
  • New Techniques & Joint Mobilization to Increase Glenohumeral Joint Motion *
  • Prevention of Shoulder Injuries in Youth Baseball Players *
  • Hip & Core Strengthening Exercises
  • Rehabilitation of the Overhead Throwing Athlete *
  • Evaluation & Developing a Treatment Program for the Overhead Athlete *
  • New Rehab Strategies & Techniques for Patients with Patellofemoral Pain *
  • Joint Mobilization Techniques & Stretching for the GH Joint:  New Techniques *
  • Rehabilitation of the Congenital Unstable Shoulder Patient 
  • Current Concepts in the Treatment of ACL Injuries - Part III  *
  • Current Concepts in the Treatment of ACL Injuries - Part II  *
  • Current Concepts in the Treatment of ACL Injuries - Part I *
  • Immediate Rehab Techniques Following Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery *
  • Treating Patellar Tendinopathies:  Tendinitis & Tendinosis *

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