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Functional Relationships of the Lower Half

Clinician: Richard Jackson



- Gait Cycle
- Subtator, Ankle & Midtarsal Joints
- First Ray and First MP Joints
- Superior Tib / Fib Joint
- Leg / Knee / Hip / Pelvic Girdle
- Dysfunction Analysis
- The Lower Half

Upon completion of this Learning Lab, participants should be able to:
1) Discuss the dynamic working of the separate units of the lower half as a single functional unit.
2) Define the three planes of the body and the functional relationships of the separate joints of the lower half.
3) Discuss the triplane rotations and counter rotations that occur at each body part and the importance of triplanar rotations and counter rotations to efficient gait.
4) Describe the need for considering functional relations when assessing the more common syndromes and dysfunctions.
5) Discuss the need for treating causes of pain rather than painful symptoms.

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