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Mulligan Concept: Cervical / Upper Cervical Spine

Clinicians: Brian Mulligan and Frank Gargano


  • Run Time: 1 hr 40 minutes
  • Online Testing
  • Online Certificate provided by CEU Now / Northeast Seminars

This is the first ever Mulligan Concept DVD course that features mobilization with movement (MWM) with the originator himself, Brian Mulligan. The course discusses MWM techniques for the treatment of cervical pain, cervicogenic headaches and cervicogenic dizziness. These easy to apply MWM techniques are appropriate for the novice and the experienced clinician. Treatment guidelines, indications and precautions necessary to apply the techniques are presented in a verbal and visual format. Self-treatment techniques are also discussed in detail to assist the clinician in providing effective home programs. The intended result is immediate enhancement of assessment and treatment skills applicable to the cervical and upper cervical region. The course is presented by Frank Gargano, PT, DPT, OCS, MCTA, and Brian Mulligan FNZSP (Hon), Dip. MT. in an engaging and entertaining manner. The insights, and clinical pearls gained make this DVD a must have for therapists treating head and neck pain.



1) Introduction

2) NAGS and Reverse NAGS

3) SNAGS and Self-SNAGS

4) Fist Traction & C-5-C6/C6-C7 MWM

5) Upper Cervical Headache SNAGS

6) Cervical Traction

7) Flexion-Rotation Test & C-1-C2 SNAGS

8) Cervicogenic Dizziness

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Course Details$65.00