Level 1 and Advanced Level 2

Soft Tissue Mobilization &
Movement Patterns


There are over 200,000 ACL injuries in youth athletics throughout the US every year. This equates to a $5B health care cost annually which does not include the 20% that re-rupture in 2 years or the 79% that have OA in 12 years. Aside from the health care costs and implications to future joint health, there is also an impact to future athletic performance and future college scholarship opportunities.

According to the research, over 75% of ACL injuries in athletics are non-contact in orientation. The research has clearly defined the movement patterns that are associated with these non-contact injuries which can be identified with a comprehensive movement assessment. Despite the plethora of research that has been done, there still does not exists a way to efficiently and accurately identify these movement patterns which put athletes at risk.

DorsaVi is a new wearable sensor technology which allows you to efficiently and accurately assess human movement and speed of movement within 3% of a Viacom system. During this course, participants will be trained in the use and application of the DorsaVi system. In addition, participants will be provided with a literature review of the science pertaining to human movement assessment and how this is applied to the use and application of the Athletic Movement Index™ using the DorsaVi system. Participants will also find out how to use this information to develop corrective strategies which directly impact injury risk and improve athletic performance.