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The Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Institute (VSMRI) is the first-of-its-kind online resource for veterinary health care professionals focused on, or interested in the most current information regarding rehabilitation, sports medicine, surgery, and overall care.

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Broadcast and updated each month, you will follow actual patients through the process of assessment, surgical intervention, rehabilitation, and return to play, work, or sport.  We feature a real-time dialog between various veterinary professionals such as the surgeon who will describe why is making specific choices, and the rehabilitation professional who will ask how his choice impacts the rehabilitation options involved in delivering superior outcomes to our patients.

Subscription:  $99.00 annually or $8.99 monthly

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Learning Objectives

The aim of VSMRI is to:

  • Bring together veterinary professionals globally from all aspects of veterinary medicine with a particular interest in rehabilitation and sports medicine
  • Provide quick access to large amounts of information regarding rehabilitation and sports medicine in one place
  • Provide a library of rehabilitation exercises and modalities that can be used to improve patient outcome
  • Provide up-to-date research information in the area of rehabilitation and sports medicine
  • Provide an environment that promotes active and collegial discussions with colleagues through our discussion board


Required Equipment
Personal Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone with access to Broadband Internet (<1.4 mbps)


Run Time
Subscription, Charter Price $99.00 annually or $8.99 monthly