This workshop illuminates two approaches gaining international acclaim: Feldenkrais and Myofacial Release systems


As rehabilitation services become more focused on functional outcomes, and therapists asked to improve function with shorter average length of stays, inquiry of alternative treatment options is increasing. This workshop illuminates two approaches gaining international acclaim: Feldenkrais and Myofacial Release systems. Sandy Burkart, PhD leads this dynamic group of faculty through a comparison and contrast of Feldenkrais and Myofascial Release systems. He will be joined by John Barnes, PT, and Mark Reese, PhD.

Course Details


Course Length



Run Time: 4 hours

Attendee: Physical Therapists, PTA’s, Students, Athletic Trainers

Required Equipment: Personal Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone with access to Broadband Internet (<1.4 mbps)

Examination: 15-question test. Passing grade of 70% or higher required for certificate

Course Evaluation: Yes

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Workbook/Handout: Yes

Course Approvals/Certifications:


Module I

Unit 01: Introduction
Unit 02: Methodology for Comparison
Unit 03: Joan Sussman Video
Unit 04: Rose Garden Practice Model
Unit 05: Requirements for Integrated Practice Model
Unit 06: Basic Components of Alternative Approaches
Unit 07: Introduction to Myofascial Release With John Barnes
Unit 08: Myofascial Release
Unit 09: Myofascial Release – Evaluation
Unit 10: Myofascial Release – Therapeutic Techniques I
Unit 11: Myofascial Release – Therapeutic Techniques II
Unit 12: Myofascial Release – Therapeutic Techniques III

Module II

Unit 13: Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method With Mark Reese
Unit 14: Feldenkrais Method – Therapeutic Techniques I
Unit 15: Feldenkrais Method – Therapeutic Techniques II
Unit 16: Feldenkrais Method – Therapeutic Techniques III
Unit 17: Feldenkrais Method – Therapeutic Techniques IV
Unit 18: Feldenkrais Method – Therapeutic Techniques V
Unit 19: Feldenkrais Method – Conclusion

Final Test

Certificate of Completion

Course Evaluation

Learning Goals

Upon completion of this class, you should be able to:

  • Describe principles and techniques for Myofascial Release and Feldenkrais
  • Compare and contrast Myofascial Release and Feldenkrais