David Mikos, DC, PT, MCTASince 1998, David has been an accredited Mulligan Concept teacher.  David was the first chiropractor/physical therapist accredited in North America. David has taught the work of Brian Mulligan F.N.Z.S.P., (Hon.) Dip. M.T. nationally to both physical therapists and chiropractors alike.  David earned his Bachelors in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University in 1990.  A background in the Cyriax approach to Orthopedic Medicine led David back to school at Bridgeport College of Chiropractic where he graduated with a Doctorate degree in 1996.  David has over 33 years of clinical experience as both a physical therapist and chiropractor.  David has a passion for manual therapy and the integration of joint mobilizations, exercise and patient education. David’s special interests include youth and high school athletics.  David is also the owner of Quinnipiac Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine which has been providing care to his community for 27 years.