The Wilk Physical Therapy Institute is an ongoing series of live monthly telecasts featuring the latest in thought and practice in Physical Therapy. Every month Kevin Wilk presents up to date research and outcome based studies to help your clinic incorporate the cutting edge best practices into your daily routines. Kevin Wilk will discuss the latest research and thought with other top-of-their-field practitioners during some of these sessions.

Each presentation may be viewed as a live telecast or as an on-demand telecourse. Live viewers will have the opportunity to submit questions and participate in the Question and Answer period integral to each telecast.

Those who are unable to participate in the live telecast will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of hearing the questions and answers as presented on the day of the broadcast. In addition, a threaded discussion forum will enable all live and on-demand participants to interact with each other and with the presenters for in-depth discussion of application.

Learn from the leader the best modalities to incorporate into your practice. Each month Kevin Wilk will present the most effective modalities to improve the lives of your patients.