Instructional Level: Intermediate, with lecture and lab both days

CE:  (See each course for specific state CE pre-approvals and hours approved)

Course Description:    This Shoulder and Knee course is designed to present the clinician the most recent and relevant, state of the art information for the treatment of the most unusual and challenging problems of the shoulder and knee joint, things you must know to offer complete, comprehensive treatment options for you patients.  The course provides an evidence-based approach to treatment discussing the latest research and more than 600 actual case studies delivered through lecture, demonstration videos, hands-on laboratory sessions, and open discussions.

Attendees will have the opportunity to master new and effective evaluation and treatment techniques and implement them immediately into your practice as you learn from the best.

Course Requirements:  Lab clothing:  tank top or halter top to expose the shoulder, and or shorts to expose the knee.  Bring a mat (or blanket), a pillow and a large towel for lab table.  Also bring a sense of humor, and your open mind for some new concepts & thoughts!